Better Healthcare connections through transformation

There is no question that healthcare is transforming—all with the goal of connecting. Connecting information, people, and systems to create a complete patient story. A story that results in personalized care and healthier patients. Technology is the vehicle that ties all of those connections together.

Vaporware helps you connect.

At Vaporware, we are an expert team skilled at partnering with healthcare organizations to develop the right solutions to improve health care delivery.

The end result is better patient care through reduced manual processes, modernized systems, and disruptive solutions.

The U.S. healthcare system desperately needs reform to rein in costs, improve quality, and expand access. What’s needed is innovation ... new solutions to daily challenges.
- Harvard Business Review, 2019

We empower leaders in healthcare organizations to transform how the healthcare industry operates, creating better connections.


Reduce manual processes with automated, efficient connections that provide the right people with the information they need, with security and privacy at the forefront. Add new insights and views into data that can optimize patient care.

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Let us help you develop a software solution that modernizes your current systems. Modernize patient records, payment processing, and communication.

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We can help you build a new solution that will help you disrupt the status-quo. Add a new service for auxiliary revenue, reduce expenses on an existing one, or spin out the technology into a new company.

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An investment that pays for itself—through increased revenue or cost savings
Instant access portals for patients, doctors, or suppliers
Data-driven insights and connecting systems that can lead to better patient care
Healthcare expertise from our development team to integrate with your HIPAA Compliant technology stack
Access to the right information by all healthcare professionals that need information with HIPPA compliance in mind
Lean principles that deliver in months, not years
Vaporware did a tremendous job developing customer-driven requirements, prototypes, and improvements based on feedback to deliver a nice user-centric, and iterative solution.

Jamie Wohlschlegel, Founder & CEO, ServusConnect

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