Vaporware redefines technology in today’s modern workforce

If you hear recruiting and technology in the same sentence today, you might think: "cold and impersonal; candidates feel like just a number".

However, technology can create more personal interactions for recruiting and staffing firms. Finding the right people faster, reducing manual tasks, or creating new tools for management eliminates the behind the scenes work so you can focus on the people.

At Vaporware, we are an expert team skilled at partnering with recruiting and staffing firms to develop solutions to source, engage, and hire better.

The results are more connected people and jobs with modern systems, automated processes, and innovative solutions.

The market that encompasses talent acquisition and staffing services technology is on track to expand by nearly 77% by 2027. Companies that implement them correctly can gain a competitive advantage.
- American Staffing Association, 2019

Increase your competitive advantage through our solutions for recruiting and staffing leaders.

Streamline Business Operations

Automate labor-intensive tasks, including phone screening and scheduling for, improved workflow and recruiter productivity. Increase the amount of time your staff is talking with candidates and clients.

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Modernize Your Solutions

Take advantage of technology to modernize your current systems and harness the power of social media with integrated tools. Modernize assessment tools and communication with your candidates. More technology can lead to a more personal touch.

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Innovate Completely New Ideas

Focus on your core capabilities while we help you build a new solution that will help you disrupt how you do business today. Add a new service for auxiliary revenue, reduce expenses on an existing one, or spin out the technology into a new company.

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Optimize recruiter productivity with a solution that pays for itself
Anywhere, anytime access to increase candidate engagement
Data-driven insights that help you find the right candidates faster
Our development team has the recruiting and staffing expertise to deliver results
Integrate with recruiting software, social media, CRMs, assessments, and more
Lean principles that deliver in months, not years
Vaporware did a phenomenal job at capturing a large number of varied requirements. The success and adoption of a complex product like this relied on ease of use, which they delivered.

Sam Hoffner, COO, WCS

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