Make sense of customer data

Priortize customer feedback based on user and account. Gather user interaction data to identify early predictors. Explore contextual qualitative data to discover underlying root causes.

User & Account Data

A key function of product management is predicting usage and behavior changes before it happens. Closely analyzing customer data, both at the user and account level, is important to a well-aligned product strategy. When executed properly, the right data can unlock hidden values, reduce churn, and help teams dominate the market.

We recommend using tools like UserVoice and ProductBoard to collect, analyze, and prioritize qualitative feedback based on key users and accounts. Analytic tools like Pendo and FullStory can assist in capturing usage events and circumstantial data surrounding individual events or feedback. A proper support toolkit like Zendesk or Crisp Chat can feed these tools from a well equipped customer success team, and most modern CRMs can be integrated to capture sales data.

Owning this customer data and correlating it across tools is key to any iterative product management strategy. Vaporware recommends Segment as a data pipeline platform to centralize and integrate all customer interactions and measurement to a single hub. It has minimal implementation requirements to uniformly pull data to hundreds of user analytic tools.

Correlating individual user data to account level data is often a tricky analytical task. Carefully configure these systems to properly associate the two when multiple users are part of a customer’s value chain.

From a business perspective, most customer data and metrics are best custom handled on a case by case basis and cannot be generally recommended. If you have a particular scenario to investigate, we can generally recommend several things to track as leading indicators. The only one we universally recommend is Net Promoter Score.

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

NPS is the globally recognized standard for measuring customer perception. It can be used to gauge the loyalty of a firm's customer relationships, or how customers respond to a particular feature or policy change.

From responses on a 0 to 10 scale, we can determine and benchmark your score (-100 to 100) against competitors in your marketplace. Standard software NPS range is 28-55, with an average of 41.

Vaporware recommends Delighted for regular gathering of NPS and follow-up management. It keeps track of each contact (email or in-app) and only asks for an update on a quarterly basis.