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Dan Moore
Dan Moore at Vaporware®
to me
January 7, 2020, 11:41 AM

At Vaporware we put a product lens on the solutions we create with our clients. We tackle all problems through the lens of scalable SaaS products for markets. Even if it’s for an internal or small user audience, we craft the same excellent level of experience. Since our founding in 2013, we’ve received over 10 offers from different clients to be hired as their full-time product team. While the financial offers are excellent, we’ve turned them all down. Why? It’s nothing against our clients and their potential - we love working with them and SaaS has 100x or more financial potential than our small service company does.

Why We Do What We Do

It’s because we’ve found what we’re good at and want to continue offering that -- bringing new products to market. A software product goes through many stages of its life cycle -- and we’re excited to be constantly working on the beginning stages of a new product, which we define as finding product-market fit. As soon as a target customer base sees the value of a product we’ve created, through an “Aha!” moment, the growth work begins. The challenges faced by a software company during this growth-stage outgrow our small product team. While this is the best possible outcome for our clients, we prefer to return to the adventurous waters of product-market fit -- not unlike serial entrepreneurs.

Why Clients Work With Us

Our clients have found that partnering with us has distinctive benefits to their company and product strategies. For example, they can see results much faster than building a product team. They can negotiate risks away from their companies, getting results instead of ownership (or vice versa, depending on their goals). Innovative leaders who work with us can minimize the opportunity cost every product team undergoes by investing in multiple avenues at the same time. They can even capitalize development costs for new products to amortize the expense over the entire life cycle of the product, instead of losing that value like cash.

Join Me Live in Raleigh

How does this fit into your 2020 product strategy? Join me on Thursday, January 16th to hear about this and other product strategies (Buy, Build, Acquire) -- to see which strategies you’re best equipped to execute on. Responsible for partnerships and want to learn our best-in-class techniques? Shoot me an email and I'll make sure you get our latest information.

Until next time,

Dan Moore

Co-Founder, CEO