Innovation Isn't Just About New Technology

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Dan Moore
Dan Moore at Vaporware®
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January 14, 2020, 11:40 AM

At Vaporware, we work with clients on innovative technology like Blockchain, IoT, and AI (or Machine Learning, as Jeff makes sure to correctly point out). But innovation isn’t just about new technology. The majority of innovation happens through old technologies -- by creating new ideas, products, or experiences. We use our cross-discipline perspective and cross-industry experience to bring innovation to all of our clients.

Innovation in Healthcare

We recently crossed paths with Bryan Fine, MD, the Founder and CEO of Percentric and PercyMD, two companies innovating in the Healthcare space. Percentric offers a fractional CMO - Cheif Medical Officer to self-insured medium-sized companies to improve their employee’s healthcare and ultimately reduce the absentee rate of employees.

This “outside of insurance” approach to healthcare is actually quite old -- dating back to the era of traveling doctors (now regulated to the locum tenens form of hospital networks and “big health”). But it’s innovative in today’s market because it’s providing value in a new way compared to the rest of the market. Percentric is also innovative through PercyMD, an always-on doctor-by-text platform that gives doctors unprecedented access to follow up and connect with their patients. This transformation to relationship healthcare--past the transactional healthcare--is bound to change the industry and something we’re seeing signs of across several clients, as insurance companies are being forced to change billing from a transactional to a results-driven model.

Sharing your Experience

Our team is also incredibly passionate about improving healthcare. Late last month Jeff, our Development Lead, turned a passion project into a new product, Patient Share. As this is still an early-stage product, we’re currently testing the product-market fit. Focused on elective surgeries and orthopedics, PatientShare is a Question and Answer site following the gestalt methodology of peer-counseling. With the vision of better-informed patient outcomes through collecting experiences and data on medical procedures, Patient Share is changing how doctors and patients interact.

Again, this isn't some mind-boggling new technology of machine learning toasters on the public blockchain. It's a "social network" of sorts - a community that humanizes the healthcare experience and focuses answers into helpful experience-sharing.

So what kind of innovation are you trying to bring to the world? Where do you see a need for something new in your organization that isn't the typical "new tech" buzzword?

I'd love to hear about your experience with innovation.

Until next time,

Dan Moore

Co-Founder, CEO