Scaling Down Your Business

A talk by Dan Moore for Entrepreneurs' Organization on April 9, 2020

Three Experience Shares

Three EO Members talk about actual things they have done to scale down. During this webinar BlueHat Mechanical will share specifically how they planned when and how to scale their business back and consolidate their position. You will learn the framework that Vaporware uses to assess businesses for chances to optimize procedures through automation. You will also hear how Davis Moore Advisors worked with their clients and property owners during the 2008 recession to restructure leases ahead of the lease expiration, trading reduced rent and concessions today for more term.

Getting Started with Automation

Here are the slides that Dan references, a primer to Automation of Business Processes, which includes:

  1. What processes to look at for cutting costs
  2. How to evaluate your processes for automation
  3. Getting started with automation
  4. 3 things to watch out for
  5. Some of Vaporware's opinions on 10x automation
  6. A case study of a Field Services company
  7. 5 self-service tools to get you started today

A Free Evaluation

Interested to see if process automation or optimization can help your business cut costs? Click here to schedule an evaluation and assessment provided by Vaporware's expert Product Managers.

This talk originally appeared here and has been posted with permission from Entrepreneurs' Organization.