Onboarding Assessment

Go beyond the walkthrough guide—transform users into promoters

Most onboarding techniques used today are distracting popups that leave users annoyed and frustrated.

Vaporware’s Onboarding Assessment goes deeper—providing a detailed review of your customers’ experience. Combined with our expert insights and recommendations for improvement, you can optimize your onboarding experience to maximize adoption and ultimately increase customer lifetime value.

When to do an onboarding assessment
  • Time to value for customers is slow and tedius
  • Support is swamped with repeat questions
  • Pendo, AppCues, and WalkMe aren't helping
  • New features have low adoption

Get a fresh set of eyes
on the experience your new customers have

A solid strategy
for getting new and existing customers engaged

Transform users into power users
following our expert recommendations

  • Walk through your product’s onboarding process
    We’ll start by going through the onboarding process your customers go through, capturing detailed notes, gaps, and questions.
  • Review metrics and synthesize findings
    We dig into your qualitative onboarding metrics, synthesize qualitative findings, and compare them with core principles.
  • Create and present recommendations
    We compile and prioritize our suggestions into an improvement plan for your organization to adopt.
  • Executive summary of what's working well, and which areas need attention
  • Annotated walkthrough of the entire customer activation experience
  • Improvement plan with remediations
Required from you
  • Business stakeholders to inform on goals
  • Primary contact available for questions
  • Access to engagement and adoption metrics
  • Enrollment as a new customer. For “white-glove” onboarding experiences, this would include meetings or other processes used for onboarding customers.

Timing: Typically 2-3 weeks