Product Strategy Assessment

A confidential assessment of your product strategy and roadmap with a bias for innovation and market disruption

Is your software outdated and losing customers? Has the market shifted and you need to invest in a redesign?

Vaporware’s Product Strategy Assessment can help. With an impartial view of your product and market, we can assess your product strategy and your team’s plan to meet customer demand, regain market share, and innovate.

When to do a product strategy assessment
  • Market trends have shifted customers away
  • Customer acquisition has slowed to a crawl
  • Before hiring a new product manager
  • Before redesigning your product

Cultivate inspired innovation
with long-term strategic enablement

Unify your product team
because a team moves further together

Increase customer acquisition
with the next product development investment

  • Analyze current product-market fit
    With our scorecard checklist, we find the strengths and weaknesses of your product compared to the competition.
  • Breakdown product strategy
    Using your focus and insights, we clearly document the strategic context and goals for the next 6-12 months.
  • Add our diverse perspective
    With our broad product leadership, we add innovative ideas to your core capabilities to encourage sizeable impact.
  • Executive summary for a 10,000 foot view
  • Product scorecard against competitors
  • Innovative ideas to maximize impact
Required from you
  • Current product strategy review (1 day)
  • Product sales pitch and demo
  • Access to 3 customers for interviews
  • List of top competitors

Timing: Typically 2 weeks