Improve customer success

Audit your support processes, tools, and policies. Working with your existing teams, we optimize the customer support relationship on what delivers value.

There are three pillars to every customer success team in B2B SaaS applications: Account Management, Professional Services, and Customer Support. Even in self-service offerings, without each of these pillars SaaS organizations miss available revenue, lose customers in easy-to-win scenarios, or respond too late to market shifts.

Account Management

Maintaining an ongoing relationship with your customers is key to running a successful business. A good account manager will coordinate training and support as the customer gets started, regularly check in on specific account milestones, and provide a preemptive feedback channel before a customer churns.

Account managers can also inform customers when new features are released to ensure they’re getting the most out of your product, and are an invaluable resource for your product’s designers and developers to understand the impact new features and improvements will have on customers.

Professional Services

While the core of your B2B SaaS product may be used by thousands of customers, many accounts will likely need assistance incorporating your product as a full solution rather than an individual tool or set of tools. A professional services or solution engineering team can help your customers import and export data, set up custom integrations, customize templates, and even extend features of the platform for their own installation.

Customer Support

How will your customers get the support they need? Is your support team available only during business hours or 24/7? Do you have tiered levels of support?

Oftentimes the experience users have with customer support will make or break a business relationship. Customers will move away from the best product on the market because of bad support exchanges, while a great support experience can turn a detractor into a promoter.

Support Channels

Making sure your product’s customer success team is well-aligned with customers where they are is vital. Common methods include an online chat widget, email, phone number to call, regular training webinars, social media channels, or even in person visits.

Consider developing a self-service help-desk for tech-savvy or introverted customers, or deliver a 24/7 always-on phone support for mission critical scenarios.

Support Pricing

In B2B SaaS, enterprise pricing deals often contain elevated support models or priority access. Most small organizations provide basic no-guarantee free support called “best effort”, but upselling support is a high value, low cost way of increasing product value and reducing customer churn.