Triage reliability issues

Filter the real issues from the noise before it hits your valuable development team.

Bug databases

We recommend using an exception monitoring system, like Bugsnag, to capture all errors and bugs. These modern systems go beyond a simple list of bugs, which is an absolute must, and give your team the context needed to solve them at scale. Tracking all bugs back to your agile development schedules or project management task software is key to fixing bugs before your team writes new code.

Fix bugs before writing new code

In general, the longer you wait before fixing a bug, the costlier (in time and money) it is to fix. When a developer has a bug in their code that they see the first time they try to run it, they will be able to fix it in no time at all, because all the code is still fresh in their mind.

Application Logging

12factor applications treat logs as event streams. These event streams, by default, are hidden in consoles and text files in systems. We recommend using a logging service like Papertrail to parse all application and system logs in a manner that’s as easy as searching Google.

These systems allow a developer to triage complex architectures by coordinating across all systems and services with a single timeline interface that can be filtered for particular clients and events.

Performance Monitoring

Bugs are not the only kind of problem developers face regularly on SaaS applications. Using application performance monitoring (APM) solutions, businesses can monitor whether their application environment meets performance standards and provides flawless user experiences via close monitoring of underlying resources. The best APM solutions provide developer teams with the information they need to connect application performance to business outcomes, as well as identify and fix performance issues before they impact the end-user. A good performance strategy includes:

  1. Observing whether your apps are behaving normally
  2. If not, alerting to and collecting data on the source of the problem (be it the app, app dependencies, or supporting infrastructure)
  3. Analyzing the data in the context of the impact on the business
  4. Adapting your application environment to fix similar problems before they impact the business

Vaporware recommends using Skylight or NewRelic to help your team proactively respond to performance issues worldwide.