Modernize your software

Your B2B SaaS products could do so much more. Vaporware® can help.

Bad customer experiences directly lead to customer churn. Technical debt has slowed your delivery team to a crawl. The competition is expanding into new markets and you're missing out on new opportunities.

Vaporware works with leading B2B software companies to understand your market's needs, align your SaaS offering with customer expectations, and grow your business.

Discover value propositions

Refocus on an existing market or expand into new markets.

Position to market segments

Bring market segmentation and product features together in clear documentation to train your team on an outside customer perspective.

Design pricing models

Combine value, competitor, and cost analysis into a predictable forecasting model to increase customer monetization.

Make sense of customer data

Priortize customer feedback based on user and account. Gather user interaction data to identify early predictors. Explore contextual qualitative data to discover underlying root causes.

Redeploy to the cloud

Realign product offerings to market expectations by listening to customer's expectations and matching deployment models

Rearchitect your technology

Design scalable solutions in both Monolith and Microservice architectures. Realign technical architectures with customer needs.

Migrate technical platforms

Heroku and Netlify help your team get the most out of their cloud hosting provider.

Integrate external systems

Bring best-practices from external vendors into your product with well built, hot-swappable integrations.

Automate testing

Improve reliability by developing and optimizing automated test-suites.

Triage reliability issues

Filter the real issues from the noise before it hits your valuable development team.

Identify usability gaps

Score your software usability with customers to see a high-level view of where gaps exist in their experience.

Realign user experiences

Evaluate and re-imagine your UX for a fresh product without changing underlying functionality.

Standardize product design

Document UI components throughout the app to consistently create new experiences with a Design System and Component Library.

Improve user onboarding

Audit your onboarding experience and get top recommendations to improve your conversion rates.

Improve customer success

Audit your support processes, tools, and policies. Working with your existing teams, we optimize the customer support relationship on what delivers value.

The team at Vaporware made the project we did together a breeze. They were on time and on budget and the work was done to the highest standards. Will always call Vaporware first.

Kevin Collins, Director of Development,