User Interface Audit

A strategic assessment of your product interfaces, giving you a solid foundation to align and enable your team to build great products

Frustrated with the inconsistencies and usability problems of your growing product? Unsure if you need a design system?

Vaporware’s UI Audit analyzes all the design elements used across your product’s user interfaces to identify patterns and inconsistencies, helping your organization remediate issues and begin building a unified product experience.

When to do a user interface audit
  • Before starting a redesign or major refactor
  • Customers are confused by the UI
  • Developers are struggling with design choices
  • Before hiring more designers

Create clarity out of chaos
from the the product you already have

Build with confidence
knowing which components should be used for each interaction

A solid foundation
to align teams towards a cohesive and comprehensive design system

  • Create a UI inventory of all design components
    We begin by combing through all of your various product interfaces and capturing each UI component.
  • Organize components into a pattern library
    We organize all the various UI components by type, such as forms, buttons, navigation, content blocks, and layouts.
  • Deliver expert recommendations
    We will present our findings to key stakeholders, and deliver an interactive report you can distribute within your company.
  • Pattern library with potential gaps
  • Interactive report for the entire team
  • Improvement plan with remediations
Required from you
  • Business stakeholders to inform on goals
  • List of interfaces to audit
  • Existing style guides or design systems
  • Access to all products to be audited

Timing: Typically 2 weeks