Four Qualities the Best Dev Companies Have

Posted April 18, 2017 by Vaporware in Development

At one point or another, most of us have had an app idea. Some amazing and some…. on the more creative side. You’ve decided that you want to pursue your amazing idea. You’re going to want the best to help you develop the technical side of building an app.

The first step to building your app is creating a minimum viable product, or MVP. You can use our DefineMyMVP tool to help you start a lean process business plan and develop your idea a bit. Then, you have to decide if you will have the technical expertise (and time) to develop the technical aspect of building an app. The exciting process of building an app can turn into a chore quickly, so find someone to help you! Who? A development partner!

By hiring a development partner, you’re relinquishing control of the technical feasibility (and usability if design is included) of the product, so you are able to focus on the viability of the product and business. So instead of trying to duplicate and control those aspects, find someone you can partner with to handle these details for you.

Remember, you’re building an app for people to use, which means you’re also building a company. Here are some qualities we’ve picked out to look for in custom web app development company.

1. High Quality Work: When answering questions about how they validate their work and what variations they use, you’ll want to look for a company that takes the time to thoroughly test their code to make sure it’s accurate and reliable. You don’t want people’s first impressions of your app to be that it glitches and is filled with errors.

2. Top of the Line Communication: The initial interview will be a good indication of their communication style. Are they giving you detailed answers and explaining their process? Whether you’re technical or not, you should be able to understand what the web app development company is doing. You should also be able to rely on your web app development company to respond in a timely manner and be available to talk during working hours. A high quality company will also have high standards for communication within the company and use tools to stay on top of what everyone is doing and assigned

Our Technical Interview Questions Checklist goes more in depth into the type of answers you should look for.

3. Aligned to Your Goals: This quality is more tailored to your company. You can have the best web app development company in the business. But if they don’t align with your goals, then they are not the best for you. Check out the company’s philosophy before interviewing them and then ask follow-up questions to ensure a great fit.

4. Showcasing of Previous Experience: Companies can boast their experience until they turn blue, but what matters is if they showcase that experience and have detailed portfolios. Look for projects similar to yours so you can see if the job was done in a suitable manner.

If you are looking for a reliable company for custom software development, the Vaporware team would love to cater to your unique requirements. Share your development requirements by leaving a comment in the box below or by contacting us at [email protected].

And don’t forget to download our Finding Your Technical Partner eBook for a more in-depth overview of what to look for in a web app development company.


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